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Knowing Who You Are In Christ

July 29, 2008

Being called to a full time music ministry by the Lord is certainly a privilege .  This partly resulted from surrendering my life totally to the Lord to be used by Him for his purposes.  However the way of the Cross is not always easy and can sometimes involve great pain,  struggle and sacrifice.  In 2 Timothy 3: 12 it states that ” everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted…”   To follow God may involve surrendering the things of this world such as wealth,  status and  popularity .   Not everyone may understand the calling that I may have for my life.  Instead it can often incite ridicule and persecution.

This is why I was blessed greatly by a teaching series entitled “Knowing Who You are in Christ ”  by Joyce Meyer.  It contained a wonderful revelation from God’s word about the fact that when we become Christians we become complete in Christ.  We are given self worth,  self esteem and an identity by becoming adopted into the family of God.  We become His precious valued children who are loved totally and unconditionally by Him.  We become citizens of heaven and members of his royal priesthood. See  Romans 8:15-17,  1 Peter 2: 9-10,  Psalm 121,  Acts 10:34,  Romans 2:11,  Ephesians 6:9.

Joyce Meyer talks about how many people including Christians may still feel incomplete.   For instance if people are of a mature age and not married they may feel incomplete and feel they don’t fit into society properly.   People who haven’t climbed high enough on the corporate ladder may also feel incomplete.  Others may feel  wanting if they do not possess a certain level of intelligence or have a university or college education.   Another source of insecurity is not earning as much money as other people or not having as much financial security.

The good news however, is that God does not look at all these outward symbols to determine our worth.  See 1 Samuel 16:7b.  Instead in God’s eyes we are all equal and precious children of God.  He loves and accepts each person on an  equal basis.

Hence in God’s sight, an older single person is just as good as, and has equal worth to a married person .  In God’s eyes, a person with a humble status or occupation is just as good as someone who has climbed high up on the corporate ladder .  A person who has very little money has equal worth and value to someone who has abundant wealth riches and a high paying job – in Christ.  A person who is plain looking has equal worth and value to someone who is beautiful tall and attractive – in Christ.

Therefore, when we learn to see ourselves as God sees us “in Christ” we no longer need to be concerned about getting on the treadmill of achievement to try and gain our worth and value according to the standards of the world or in relation to other people around us.  Instead “in Christ” we are already of equal worth and value as any one else no matter how high up they appear to be on the social ladder of society.  As we realise our position in God’s family – “in Christ”  we can begin to hold our head up high and rejoice in the fact we are valued and loved totally by God and part of his “royal family”.  Hence we are able to command respect from knowing our privileged position in Christ. 

The Good News also,  is that God made us all different for a reason.  Each person is given a special gift or talent that other people may not have.  For instance -“in Christ” you may have a special gift or talent that I don’t have whereas I may have a special gift or talent that you don’t have.  The reason for this is that we are all supposed to work together in the body of Christ.  No person is able to do all things because each person is given a special part.

After listening to these Joyce Meyer CDs I have learnt, in a new way, to see myself as complete in Christ and just as good as anyone else in this world no matter who they are.   I can now walk with my head held high knowing that I have equal worth to every other person on this earth no matter what position they hold or how much wealth or possessions they may have.    This is not to say that I don’t give due respect to those in high positions.  However it reminds me that I have equal worth to them in God’s sight and hence no longer need to fear or feel small in the presence of those who possess so called “worldly success or status” anymore.   This is so because Christ has made us complete in him and hence we all have equal worth in God’s eyes.

This revelation is truly a cause for great celebration.  So let us all start seeing ourselves as God sees us and not according to the world’s standards.

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Prayer Request – could you please pray that God will open doors for my music CDs to be distributed very soon.

God Bless You


How to Fill Your Spiritual Void

April 1, 2008

Most of us like to enjoy the things of this earth like having stylish clothes,  a comfortable spacious home,  nice car,  great wealth,  supportive friends ,loving relationships ,  exciting travel experiences,  or a promising career path.  These are some of the goals that most people may  aim for in their lives.  There is nothing wrong with these things.

As we strive to achieve these goals, we may believe that once we have acquired them, we will be ultimately satisfied in the long term. However many individuals discover when they finally realise these goals that their  still is a feeling of emptiness in the core of their being.

In a short documentary about a famous band, the lead singer (who shall remain nameless), expressed the fact that when he finally achieved success in terms of millions of records sold world wide and ultimate fame,  there was still an emptiness inside him.  This forced him to ask himself  – “why do I still not feel happy even at this high point in my career? What am I missing in my life ?  What is it that I still need”.

I had a friend (who has now passed away) who once shared with me some experiences in her younger years.  She had been a highly attractive woman who was like the “rose” of high society.  Sought after by many suitors she admitted that she had never had her heart broken but fortunately always had the upper hand when it came to men.  Naturally she would be invited to all the grand parties and played hostess to many of her own.   However when these were all over and everyone went home, she admitted to a feeling of  emptiness in her soul and thought to  herself   “is this all there is to life?  Surely there is something more?”

In one of my songs called “It’s Christmas” there is a line which says ….”there’s a void we all have in our souls that only one can fill”.  I would like to suggest that this feeling of emptiness that these two people felt, is the longing for spiritual fulfilment which is present in every human being .  We all long for something deeper than just surface satisfaction provided by the material things of this world.  Our longing is to be re-united with our Creator – to restore our relationship with God so we can experience the innocence of the Garden of Eden .  This can only be achieved through Jesus Christ and his saving work of the cross.   Through his death on the cross He is able to forgive and wipe away our sins so that we can have a direct relationship with our Maker once again.   What we must do, is to ask God for the faith to believe, ask Jesus’ Holy Spirit to fill  the empty place in our souls, and from then on, commit our lives to following Him.  It is only though this commitment that we can experience the peace,  cleansing and innocence once again for the rest of our lives. 

Fortunately for my friend she eventually found Jesus later in her life to fill the empty void within her soul. Jesus is like the missing link in our lives that we are searching for.  Some may think that relationships,  wealth or earthly pleasures will ultimately satisfy us.  However the truth is, that only a knowledge and relationship with  Jesus can give us lasting inner spiritual peace and fulfilment that we need.  Through Jesus we can also become part of the family of God which includes all of his true followers here on earth.  We are like another pearl added to a beautiful pearl necklace, where Jesus is the strong clasp that holds us together to renders us wearable to fulfil it’s purpose .

Finding Jesus  is also like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The ironic thing is that when we experience the unconditional love and saving work of Jesus in a real way,  the blessings on this earth become more enjoyable.  The reason for this, is that we now realise who is responsible for giving us all good gifts on this earth, whether they  be material possessions or the beauty of nature , and therefore can now marvel  rejoice and praise God for  His creation and the different ways he provides for us.

Knowing Jesus can enrich our lives in a greater way.  Have you found your missing link yet?

By Adelle Arwen
Gospel Singer Songwriter & Recording Artist