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Abortion-The Christian View

January 18, 2009

The general Christian view on the topic of abortion is that it is really the act of murdering an unborn human child.  Life is sacred since it is created by God (see Psalm 139:13-14) and hence as humans we are not given the right to determine who lives and who dies.   An exception to this can be made in the case of incest, rape or if the mother’s life or health is seriously endangered if the pregnancy goes ahead.

There is often the perception that only young teenage girls are the ones who face the decision of whether or not to have an abortion.  However apparently women of all ages and stations of life can be found at abortion clinics,  wanting to take this crucial step.  They can be mothers who already have many children and include women of all ages.

In the case of teenage girls however,  perhaps many are not fully educated about contraceptive methods.  Not that I am advocating sex before marriage.  But it may be the case that many young girls are not aware that most forms of contraception are never 100% foolproof.  As a result many young women believe they are fully covered from the possibility of pregnancy when in actual fact they are not.  This would then call for the need for more comprehensive education for young people,  both women and men about the effects and consequences of these methods.

There is also some scientific and medical support for the fact that many women who do choose to undergo abortions,  face a greater risk of infertility in later life and also psychological and mental disorders such as depression. 

Within certain groups, is a push to pass a bill to attempt to legalise abortion .  At present within the ALP,  the issue of abortion is still covered by the “conscience vote”.  This means that even though the party may hold a certain  platform,  Senators are allowed to cross the floor in regards to the majority,  according to their own conscience or personal beliefs.  We hope that this right will still remain in the long term future.

To maintain the christian view to vote against the legalisation of abortion,  one would advocate that as long as the pregnancy does not severely endanger the life of the mother,  than the child should be carried to it’s full term to eventual birth.  If the mother does not choose to keep the baby,  then it could be put up for adoption.  Many women choose not to keep their child  because they may feel that they are not mature or ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child.  They may also give up the child because of lack of financial security and stability to provide for the child’s needs.

This situation could turn out to be a good thing for society.  For instance there seems to be a high number of couples who are not able to have children due to various reasons.  Also because many women  are choosing to start a family later in life eg in their 30’s and 40’s,  they are finding it harder to become pregnant and face higher risks for themselves and their new babies.  Hence being able to adopt an unaborted child who is in need of a loving and financially stable home, can prove to be a great blessing. 

People may find it difficult to see that abortion is the killing of a living being perhaps because they cannot see the child being formed in the wound.   The seriousness of the issue may become more real if we consider the birth of baby kangaroos as an example.  Being marsupials once the tiny little pink babies are born they crawl into their mother’s pouch for their gestation period where they are allowed to form properly and grow.  Imagine before the baby joey has been fully formed that a vet decides to take the small pink foetus which is alive out of the mother’s pouch and injecting it with a poisonous substance to end it’s life.  This would seem like an abhorrent thing to do.  Well this is exactly what is being done when an abortion is carried out.  It is just like a  tiny pink human being in foetal form being taken out of the mother’s womb and being injected with poison to cause it to wither and die.   This is murdering an unborn child and not part of God’s will or plan.

NB.  In regards to the issue of homosexuality which is another sensitive topic in the christian community,  it is clear that the bible regards the homosexual act as a sin.  See Romans 1: 27, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13.  However I do not approve of homosexuals being discrimated against just because of who they are.


Heaven Our Real Home

April 1, 2008

 I have recently started on a Study Guide called ” Heaven Your Real Home”  by Joni Eareckson Tada.  I was given this book a a few years ago when she came to Australia to speak during the Para Olympics.  In one section of the book it discusses the bible passage about the New Jerusalem from the book of Revelation chapter 21.  It contains  one of the verses I love which describes an aspect of heaven :” And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘Now the dwelling of God is with men,  and he will live with them.  They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.  He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain,  for the old order of things has passed away’ “.   Revelation 21: 3-4

I have always thought that it would be a true utopia to have a world with no more sorrow crying or pain.   Although the Bible does not specify in exact detail what heaven will be like from these verses it could strongly suggest the following :-

There would be no more sickness, cancer or terminal illnesses and the suffering that can go with these

There will be no more mourning over the death of loved ones through accidents war, sickness,

or bombs

No more murder, rape,  torture,  bloodshed,  child abuse,  work place bullying or suicides

No more divorce separation abandoned children

No more poverty or racism

No more oppression injustice or discrimination

No more struggle disappointment or depression

No more sorrow pain or tears

No more watching the 6 o’clock news and hearing all the bad news that has happened nationally or internationally

No more worrying about putting on weight and eating too much since we will have new heavenly bodies.

Such a world is worth waiting to see and experience don’t you think?

Here are a few more points I have discovered in my Quiet Time readings about what Heaven will be like .   Jesus followers will have:-

New Bodies :  Philippians 3: 20-21  

New Minds:  1 John 3:2  and

New Hearts:  In other words ,  if we have chosen Jesus on this earth, we will be totally renewed in body mind and spirit.  We will be purified and perfected and  also realise our true identity even more so, just as God intended for  us  in the beginning.

Also in Isaiah 65:17 it states that the site and presence of our Lord Jesus in our new heavenly home will be so glorious and brilliant, that there will be no need to recall the former life with it’s positive or negative elements. 

“Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth.  The former things will not be remembered,  nor will they come to mind.  But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create.  Isaiah 65:17.  See also 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58 which describes how through Jesus, his followers, in a flash, will change from being mortal to immortal.

It is good to be thankful for all the blessings God has given to us on this earth ,  including the gift of His Son Jesus to be the Saviour of our souls.  In his love and generosity He also offers us a life of eternal joy with Himself in Heaven, where the best is still yet to come.  This is also a great cause for celebration .

Will you be there to share this with us? ………………. I hope so.  

By Adelle Arwen
Gospel Singer Songwriter & Recording Artist