Armour – Ephesians 6

Here is a song to encourage you when you need to do spiritual warfare:-

Ephesians 6

Verse 1
We face a struggle everyday
That’s not against flesh and blood
But against rulers, Satan’s authorities
Against the powers of this dark world

So put on the armour of God

Chorus I
Stand firm with the belt of truth
That’s buckled around your waist
Stand firm with the breastplate
Of righteousness in place
Feet fitted with the readiness
That comes from the gospel of peace
Stand firm by putting on the
Full armour of God

Verse 2
We also fight the spiritual forces of
Evil in heavenly realms
When the day of evil comes around
Need to be ready to stand firm


Chorus II
Stand firm with the shield of faith
To put out the arrows of the evil one
Stand firm with the helmet of salvation
Sword of the Spirit
That is the Word of God
Stand firm and pray in the Spirit
On all occasions

The armour of God
Used to fight the forces of evil
The armour of God is ours to declare
To those who are losing the battle

Chorus I & II

© Beverley Tang 2004

You can listen to the song at :-


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