Media Watch

I believe everyone should watch the program “Media Watch” on ABC TV on a regular basis . It helps to make us aware  that whatever the media says is not always true and can instead be misleading. It is an important reminder to us that we should not believe everything we hear and read from all forms of media . It can teach us to be discerning about what we read and hear and to realise that much of what is presented to us from the media often has personal interest groups and financial backing from particular parties and media owners involved. It can also alert us to propaganda bias and untruths that can be perpetrated to us through the media.

Let us try to take a step back and think for ourselves instead of being automatically brainwashed by whatever the media says. It can also be wise to obtain our information or news from a variety of reputable sources and not just from sensationalised or commercial ones.

The program “Media Watch” can be viewed on ABC1 TV on Monday 9.20pm and repeated on Wed 12.25 am


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