Help Prevent Child Abuse

NAPCAN is an organisation which seeks to help prevent child abuse by bringing it’s awareness to the community and seeking to make it everyone’s responsibility to assist in it’s prevention. The following is a link which provides some starting guidelines on how everyone can play their part to help overcome this grave aproblem.

The following is an excerpt from a NAPCAN email outlining some features of their recent community survey regarding child abuse:-


NAPCAN has released the findings of our Community Attitude Survey on the Safety and Wellbeing of Children, which many of you took part in during National Child Protection Week 2009.

The Survey asked a range of questions about who is responsible for protecting children and what people might do if confronted by a situation where they suspected child abuse or neglect.

The Survey found that although most people (92% of respondents) consider child abuse to be a serious issue, many are hesitant to take action if faced with a real situation.

The Survey results reveal that when confronted with clear-cut scenarios of child abuse, less than 50% of respondents would take action to help the child by ringing a child protection authority or the police. And even if a child disclosed sexual abuse to them, only 34% of respondents would call the police.

The findings are alarming, especially given that respondents had a good understanding of child abuse and neglect issues. The results highlight the need to educate the whole community that protecting our children is everyone’s responsibility.

Respondents gave a range of reasons for not taking action, from worrying they might be wrong (48%) to not wanting to admit things like that happen (22%). Many people (38%) wouldn’t take action because they ‘don’t know what to do’. But the most troubling reason given was many people just don’t think it is their business (42%).

We hope you will watch ABC 1 TV on Thursday 9 September at 9.30pm for a very important program. “Kids At Risk”, hosted by Geraldine Doogue, will feature the screening of a short film, Polly and Me, followed by a live studio discussion. Polly and Me depicts the life of an eight year old child who could be living in your street. Its purpose is to help break down the wall of silence about child abuse and neglect in 21st century Australia.


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