Workplace Bullying

The following is an article describing the nature of Workplace Bullying from the Human Rights Commission and Anti-discrimination Website.

Unfortunately Workplace Bullying has not been made illegal unless it is caused by discriminatory behaviour.

I believe it is about time it should be made illegal especially due to the way it can ruin the lives of it’s victims in the form of:-

– psychological damage eg.  stress,  depression and trauma
–  financial damage –  many victims end up having to take sick leave,  leave from work or resign from their jobs without a job to go to 
–  physical damage –  in the form of physical sickness from the trauma

Not only does it affect the lives of victims but it is also highly detrimental to businesses,  productivity and ultimately the economy as a whole. 

This is why it should be stamped out and made illegal in the workplace

At present only behaviour which is proven to be of a discriminatory nature is illegal according to federal and state legislation.


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