Hearing Aid Upgrade Needed

I have become aware of the need for hearing aid technology to advance in a much bigger way. There is so much research that goes into making computers faster and more clever and yet the production of hearing aids seems to be still quite far behind.

This is what is needed:-

Hearing aids which can help to eliminate background noise so it is more comfortable and pleasant for the wearers to use. They should also be made cheaper and more affordable instead of the astronomical prices that have to be paid for them at present. Surely in this day and age more advanced and high tech hearing aids should have been developed by now.  BTW this is not for myself but for people I know who have to wear these contraptions.

Also I believe there is a great need for someone to design a good touch sensitive keyboard that can fold up and collapse into a suitcase which is lightweight and easily carried by female solo artist musicians and singers. But it has to be a decent light weight keyboard not just a roll out foam version which is on the market at present . I can’t see that this would be overly difficult for industrial designers today.

If any of you inventors or designers out there do come up with a neeeded solution please contact me.


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