The Mosque and it’s Role in Society

I recently read a small book called “The Mosque and it’s Role in Society”.  It states important information about the Islam religion.  This is important to know, so as Christians we can  maintain Australia as a  Christian nation.  The following are some of the essential points stated in the book:-

Firstly it is very important to note that Christians do not hate Muslims.  Instead it is quite the opposite.  As Christians we are commanded by Jesus to love all peoples know matter who they are or what they look like.  Mark 12:31.  Instead it is just the Islamic ideology that Christians do not agree with.

1.  Every Aspect of Life – Islam is not just a religion and personal faith like Christianity or Buddhism.  Instead it is a whole way of life which includes rules for every aspect of living  including politics,  business,  family relationships and how to see non muslims.

2.  Allegiance to “Allah” Only – A Muslim’s life allegiance is to “Allah”  and obeying his laws as found in the Quran.  He does not have the freedom really to choose to be a Muslim or not.  This is so because if a Muslim leaves his faith for another, this is regarded as the highest form of treason and punishable by death in Islamic law.

3.  Infiltrate Society – The broader goal of Islam,  endorsed by it’s leaders and practicing adherents,  is to ultimately infiltrate each section of society in each country to convert it to Islam, and replace the institutions in that society with their own Shariah Law.   This can start with migrating to a new country,  pretending at first to adhere to the country’s laws,  gaining employment in strategic parts of government (eg.  the immigration department), to gradually allow more and more muslims to take over the decision making bodies in society.

4.  Mosque Headquarters – The Mosque is like the central headquarters where Muslims are trained in these goals and their own laws and culture.   The presence of the Mosque in an area is like a symbol of the growing power and presence of the Muslim faith and culture in the community.

5.  Attitude to  Non Muslims – Muslims are taught not to become friends with non Muslims like Jews or Christians .  Under the laws of subjugation in Islam,  non Muslims are given a choice to convert to Islam or pay a hefty tax in public.  They are then not given equal rights in employment,  housing or positions of authority.

6.  The Islamic Movement – is the organised struggle to change the existing society into an Islamic one following the laws of the Qur’an and the Sunna,  to make Islam dominant especially in socio-political spheres.

7.  Non Integration – Due to these points it can be questionable whether Muslim immigrants will in the long term, integrate into Australia culture and society and be willing to follow the christian laws and ethics of our society.

8.  Adhere to Christian Laws – some individuals are wanting to ensure that  muslim people, before entering the country definitely agree to be subject to Christian laws not just in the short term but the long term as well.  This is important since it is because of these Christian laws and socio political systems set in place, that there exists the  freedom and opportunity in Australia.  

9.  Autocratic Rule – On the other hand if a nation is transformed into an Islamic society,  this will inevitable be headed by an autocratic totalitarian dictatorship which will totally obliterate any form of freedom of choice or social equality in society.

10.  Lying is Permitted – lying is permitted under Islamic law in the following situations:-
–  in war,  espionage,  concealment or in weakness
–  between a wife and husband
–  when reconciling or maintaining peace

11.  Marriage –  under Islamic law husbands are allowed to beat their wives

12.  Swedish Government–  has recently put a ban on any future attempt to introduce Shariah Law into their constitution.

13.  Compassion –  most muslims are probably not the radical extremists we hear about on the news.  Instead many are probably trapped in a culture they don’t know how to escape from.  Hence these people need the saving love of Jesus and our compassion.   It is mainly the leaders and extreme fundamentalists that we need to stop from instigating Shariah Law into the country. 

14.   Stand Up: As a result more Christians in churches need to stand up to uphold Christian values in Australia so we do not become an Islamic nation.   We cannot take our Christian freedom for granted .  To become more actively involved in this cause you  can visit or join the  ACNA ,  “Australian Christian Nation Association”. To obtain a copy of the book   ” The Mosque and it’s Role in Society”  contact Sher  from ACNA   on ph: 9230 2478.  Cost is $9.  Please note this is not designed to be a racist article against all Muslims-many of who are probably very nice people.  Instead it is a fight against the Islam ideology which does not always support loving and just principals eg towards women.   Hence this article is not a license for any of us especially Christians to start having racist attitudes to people of other cultures.

15. Prayer Point –  pray daily that the spread of Islam in any form will be stopped and instead Muslim people will come to know the saving love and freedom which is only found in Jesus.

Exodus From Darkness
A former radical Muslim from Iran was converted by God’s Holy Spirit to become a christian believer and follower  Jesus.  He now leads his own Christian Ministry and is very skilled and knowledgeable in sharing the gospel with Muslim people.  He is available to speak in Churches to teach other christian believers in how to do this effectively.

See his website for more details.


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