Root Causes of the Economic Crisis

As Christian believers we do not have to be scared or alarmed about the present economic crisis since God promises us in His word that he will provide all practical needs for his people. 

However it is still well to be informed about the reasons behind the Economic Crisis so that we know what is going on in the world and can hence talk about it in an intelligent way to our non christian friends co-workers and neighbours.  For instance the greed and deception which were the motives behind this financial breakdown,  we can state are against God’s commands as to how we are supposed to live.  We can then talk about it in terms of God’s perspective.

There  is a documentary series airing on Thursdays at 8.35pm on the ABC called “Addicted to Money” which describes clearly and succinctly the events which caused and led to the economic crisis.  Perhaps the title of the series should be called “Addicted to Credit”.   It is presented by economist David McWilliams and reveals everything you need to know about what caused the financial  melt down,  what lies ahead and what we all need to do to survive in the new economy.

Here is the link to view it on Utube :


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