Keeping Australia a Christian Nation

I found a brochure that I had obtained a while ago and thought some of you may be interested in this .   It is about the organisation called ACNA which takes Social Action to ensure that Australia remains a Christian nation.

ACNA Conference – Sat 21 Nov 2009
ACNA are having a big one day conference on Saturday November 21st at the Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club in Fairfield from 9-5pm.   There will be 7  christian speakers including Rev Fred Nile,  Rev David Clarke, Pastor Danny Nalliah,  Dr Graham McClelland and the “Salt Shakers” – Peter & Jenny  Stokes (who do research and education on all related Christian issues).   The cost is $25 for registration,  $15 for lunch, $5 for morning and $5 for afternoon tea.  ($50 altogether).

For more details or to register contact   the secretary Sher Vandstone ph: 9230 2478. She has requested that people pay and register beforehand because last year there were so many people attending and registering on the morning, that the program had to start quite late.



If you would like a form I can email it to you for you to print off.  Just reply to this blog with your email address.  Otherwise you can ask me for one on Sunday.

How to Drug Proof Your Child – Seminar
ACNA are also having a seminar this Wednesday 4/11/09 on “How to Drug Proof Your Child”  at Parliament House in the city for any interested parents.  You can also ring Sher about these details too.


How to Write Letters – Seminar  Sat 28 Nov 09

This will be a very useful seminar but is only open to members of the CDP.  It will show you how to write letters to Parliament and explains more of the political process.  I would love to go to this but I am not a member.


What Christians Should Know about Islam
The following is some basic information about Islam which is well for Christians to be aware of:-



New Movie Screening




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