US Health Care Reform & Emissions Targets

Please pray for Barack Obarma in the areas of  :-

1. Essential Health Care Reform : as he tries to introduce legislation for the reform of the US Health Care System, to enable health care to become accessible and affordable for all American citizens and not just the wealthy middle classes. Naturally the rich  are campaigning against this because they can easily  afford their own health care and probably couldn’t care less if poorer underpriveleged families cannot afford it and have to suffer in the process. (Is anything new under the sun?)

Pray that God will intervene with his miraculous power (which was able to turn two little fishes and five loaves of bread to feed 5000 people) – to help provide the funds necessary to allow this new health care reform to become a viable and affordable reform to benefit all  American individuals and families no matter how poor or underprivileged they may be.

2.  God’s Guidance for Emissions Targets: please also pray that God will guide him as to his decisions in the recent climate change summit. He has a huge amount of weight on his shoulders as he tries to deal with the economic collapse of the US economy as well as try to achieve some sort of targets to reduce green house gas emissions in collaboration with all other world leaders.

Thanks for your help.


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