Interpreting the Bible

Interpreting the bible properly & correctly can be a great challenge especially for those who are not familiar with reading the bible.   For instance it is important to note there are two sections ie the Old Testament and the New Testament.   This is another name for the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.  The New Testament is when Jesus eventually came to the earth to bring ultimate salvation through his death on the cross.  As a result the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross replaced the need for people to offer animal sacrifices to atone for people’s sins.  In fact what Jesus did replaced a lot of rules and regulations that were practiced in the Old Testament.  For instance salvation was no longer just exclusively for the Jewish people anymore, but became available for all races of people on the earth. 

Many things that were described in the Old Testament were cultural and only pertained to the period of time those 2000 years ago.  For instance during the biblical culture wealthy people often had slaves to work for them.  This does not mean that christians today believe in slavery.  In biblical times most women were not educated .  This does not mean that christians today  believe that females should not be educated.

A  good book to read about how to interpret the Bible correctly is :- “How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth”  By Dr Gordon D Fee.   It discusses the type of literature each book of the bible is,  and how to read and interpret it properly.


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