Racist Attacks- Possible Causes

It has been quite shocking to hear of the recent racist attacks on certain university students in the Indian community. A possible cause is that due to growing economic recession, local students may be feeling the pinch of having very little to spend to fund their studies. For instance part time jobs are probably much more scarce which is often necessary for students to help fund their own education. As a result this economic climate may be causing an  increase in robbery and crime, due to reduced incomes and funds. Individuals who commit robbery and crime usually target more vulnerable groups in society. Hence ethnic groups  can become prime targets since they appear to be  different and hence more vulnerable. Also people may assume that Indian students always have money to fund themselves, hence good targets for robbery.

However it is not just Indian students that may appear to be  a vulnerable group. It is well known that criminals always tend to select weaker groups in society since it can be easier to get away with their crimes. Eg. the aged, the disabled, single women, very young children, or  if a person looks unconfident or more of a loner. Unfortunately during tough economic times, particular ethnic groups can also be targeted to serve as a type of scape goat for the anger and frustration of discontented members of society. Racism can often come from insecurity. When criminals oppress weaker members of society it temporarily helps to boost the criminals’ self esteem, especially if they initially feel bad about themselves or their situation in the first place.

Perhaps as we feel more and more the effects of the recession,  vulnerable groups in society must be more on guard.  It could also be beneficial to be aware of our natural human reactions and learn to deal with our hardships in a more constructive positive way instead of attempting to oppress weaker members in society to make us feel better.

However I do not wish to say that the Indian community is in any way weak.  They were probably targeted for many reasons.  Note that the robbery and attack occurred when these Indians were having their own party and having a good time.  Disgruntled members who are unhappy with their lives can often be jealous and envious of those who are happy and contented.  This could have been another trigger which motivated the perpetrators to target this group at the time.

A more constructive way of dealing with suffering of any sort,  is to seek the help of our Heavenly Father who promised to help us in our time of need.  The bible is full of his promises to provide for our needs if we choose to commit our lives to him and honour him .


6 Responses to “Racist Attacks- Possible Causes”

  1. imwriting2u Says:


    life is all about action & reaction, what u do, u get in return that simple. no heavenly father will help u if u do wrong things and pray for help!

    i m neither pro-ausi nor anti-indian, but to see the issue from the angle of both sides.

    i think there is something wrong with the indians may b in their general attitude toward the ausis or they are not behaving properly in the foreign land cos i know many dirty & noisy habits of indians back home, they must be doing the same there disturbing others!

    however criminal violence of any sort is highly condemned and should b punished accordingly.

  2. aarwen Says:

    Thanks for your comment. Most of the indians that I have met and become friends with in Australia are very civil decent and clean individuals.

    I too do not condone ethnic groups having an antagonistic attitudes to Australian people. However I know a lot of ethnic people who just try to be good citizens and mind their own business who still become targets of senseless attacks or bullying.

    It is sometimes a good idea to study a short course or read books on anthropology. This helps us to step back from the situation, to become more culturally sensitive. We can then become more understanding of people who appear on the exterior different to us.


  3. imwriting2u Says:

    hi aarwen!
    yea i know there r good indians and bad indians as it’s true in every country, everywhere, good people & bad people. those decent indians u became friendly with r not the victims of racial attacks, right?

    young student/australians now feel that those recent influx of too many indians started snatching not only their IT-jobs but also the part-time jobs as indians r ready to work at a much cheaper salary! may be those young attacking boys are those deprived of their jobs against cheaper indians. this same problem is there in usa too where too many cheaper indians are depriving the white americans of their IT & part-time jobs 😦

    why all these indians because india is in a terrible mess and no indians are sincerely trying to rectify this country of its social, political & economic ills, rather all are trying to escape from this garbage country to any other country never to return back! this is very unfortunate for india.

    when i say dirty & noisy indians, i mean majority of them r. i will tell u my personal experience while i was flying from moscow to delhi by aeroflot, the russian airlines a few years back. more than two third of the total passengers abroad were indians and the kind of noises those indians made, talking too loud, calling/shouting names, whistling; laughing too loud and thus disturbing all others in the aircraft, truly nuisance & nonsense were those indians! that incident puts me off cold whenever i see a group of indians at any airport! monkey-like people indeed!

    most of the reported attacks on indians happened at the wee hours after mid-night that too mostly when they travel/move around alone! this makes me think, why the hell r they at those wrong time & wrong place alone if they don’t have arms or guts to fight back, only to get victimized by the rowdies and in turn to give a bad name to australia as a racist country!

    yea, it’s true that there is some hidden racist feeling in everybody when someone sees somebody who is different in the physical features but all the decent people just overlook them and get on the more important issues, that’s how this civilized world is progressing because human/spiritual qualities of the people are more important than their physical looks! i think everybody should be aware of this.

    but ultimately we are all different flowers of God’s garden to beautify & enhance the quality of the garden called humanity.

  4. aarwen Says:

    Thanks again for your comments. I understand with the recent economic crisis that people would be feeling very fearful and insecure about their job situation. It is always a competitive market place out in the world. However as for loud and rowdy “larrikens” on the plane, I believe you would find these types in any culture. It depends on each individuals’ personality type and character. It can be a little dangerous to observe a different race of people in one situation and assume that, the whole race of people are all like that.

  5. imwriting2u Says:

    i think u r wrong in this comment on the plane incident.
    u have erratically compared flight travel to a village truck commuting system where people make all kinds of noises & feel it’s ok!
    but, no, it’s generally assumed that those who travel by air are gentle & decent people not monkey-like noisy & disturbing people.

    i had traveled a lot by flight but i had never encountered such kind of uncivilized noisy scene inside the flight except those indians!

    where r u from?
    had u been to indian cities, educational campuses & marketplace?
    u gotta see urself who indians r and how they behave without civic sense, before blindly supporting them by seeing a few decent indian friends.

    if they r nice & decent people, then, why r they especially targetted in racial attacks in australia, usa, uk, canada & elsewhere? because i think nice & decent people are welcome everywhere irrespective of their race & origin?

    • aarwen Says:

      I’m sorry that you had such a trying time on the plane that day. I guess after having one bad experience with a certain race of people, it is difficult to change your mind about them, nobody what other people say. It is the same with all of us since we are all human. It is very difficult to love or like people who we find annoying and tend to “rub us up the wrong way”. I know what this is like too. However as christians we are called to love accept and forgive all people no matter who they are. This is stated in Jesus’ command in Mark 12:31 to “love your neighbour as yourself”. Our “neighbour” includes people from other races too, as demonstrated in the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

      However it’s not always possible to love others in our own human strength. The good news though, is that God can give us His power through the Holy Spirit to love others. We just have to ask and believe for this in prayer.

      Yes, I have been to India for about two and a half months, many years ago. I went to Bombay and Nagpur. I was fortunate in that I met people who were very nice to me. Many were generous, hospitable and gentle. However not everyone has had this experience as you have mentioned.

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