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Fred Nile’s Talk at our Church

June 16, 2009

I recently watched the DVD of when Fred Nile came to speak at our place of worship at The Servants of Jesus Community. I was quite impressed by what he said. He made a good point that Christians need to campaign more for christian issues and stand up for the principals in the Bible which are being forgotten in society. This can be more fruitful than trying to campaign for other policies which already have a huge representation. Hence besides campaigning against the great social injustices brought about by extreme poverty it has influenced me to also consider to do more research and writing about the important Christian issues that need attention as well. I have sometimes thought about this in the back of my mind during my travels, however Fred Nile’s talk has helped me to see it’s importance in a new light.



June 13, 2009



Racist Attacks- Possible Causes

June 4, 2009

It has been quite shocking to hear of the recent racist attacks on certain university students in the Indian community. A possible cause is that due to growing economic recession, local students may be feeling the pinch of having very little to spend to fund their studies. For instance part time jobs are probably much more scarce which is often necessary for students to help fund their own education. As a result this economic climate may be causing an  increase in robbery and crime, due to reduced incomes and funds. Individuals who commit robbery and crime usually target more vulnerable groups in society. Hence ethnic groups  can become prime targets since they appear to be  different and hence more vulnerable. Also people may assume that Indian students always have money to fund themselves, hence good targets for robbery.

However it is not just Indian students that may appear to be  a vulnerable group. It is well known that criminals always tend to select weaker groups in society since it can be easier to get away with their crimes. Eg. the aged, the disabled, single women, very young children, or  if a person looks unconfident or more of a loner. Unfortunately during tough economic times, particular ethnic groups can also be targeted to serve as a type of scape goat for the anger and frustration of discontented members of society. Racism can often come from insecurity. When criminals oppress weaker members of society it temporarily helps to boost the criminals’ self esteem, especially if they initially feel bad about themselves or their situation in the first place.

Perhaps as we feel more and more the effects of the recession,  vulnerable groups in society must be more on guard.  It could also be beneficial to be aware of our natural human reactions and learn to deal with our hardships in a more constructive positive way instead of attempting to oppress weaker members in society to make us feel better.

However I do not wish to say that the Indian community is in any way weak.  They were probably targeted for many reasons.  Note that the robbery and attack occurred when these Indians were having their own party and having a good time.  Disgruntled members who are unhappy with their lives can often be jealous and envious of those who are happy and contented.  This could have been another trigger which motivated the perpetrators to target this group at the time.

A more constructive way of dealing with suffering of any sort,  is to seek the help of our Heavenly Father who promised to help us in our time of need.  The bible is full of his promises to provide for our needs if we choose to commit our lives to him and honour him .