Praying in Tongues

To some observers praying in tongues may look and sound like a lot of meaningless babble.

However recently I discovered the deeper meaning of what praying in tongues means, and the benefits it has to our spiritual walk with God.

Firstly, praying in tongues is a spiritual gift from God and is given to any believer who earnestly desires and asks for it in prayer. It is best imparted by another mature believer who also practices the gift of praying in tongues.

After receiving this gift,  we must then practice it on a regular basis.  Five minutes per day could be a good start.  This enables the words and language to develop.  God will give us the words,  we just have to focus on our spirit.  It is also best not to analyse the process too much with our minds.  It is not ourselves that creates the words – it is the Holy Spirit who directs us, as to what to say.  Sometimes if we think about the process too much,  it could give us a headache and we can lose the spiritual impact of this gift.

What is Praying in Tongues?
Whenever we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit gives us the prayers to pray.  Since these prayers emanate directly from God, there is an absence of all self centred, soulish elements or attitudes in these prayers.  It completely bypasses the soulish (or fleshly) realm.  As a result,  our spirit is united with God’s spirit to become one,  while we pray in tongues.

Benefits of Praying in Tongues
1.  It edifies our spirit and lifts us up,  even though we may not know the exact meaning of our prayers or what we are saying.

2.  We are able pray God’s prayers for us or a situation.  In effect these prayers are not diluted with our own thoughts or selfish desires. 

3.  It unites our spirit with God’s Holy Spirit

4.  It strengthens our spirit to make us more resilient to Satan’s attacks and prepares us for God’s work.

5.  When we feel Satan attacking us in some way,  praying in tongues straight away, helps to fight him off.  For instance attacks in the form of negative thoughts,  words or actions.

6.  Praying in tongues on a daily basis, can help us to desire the things of God instead of the things of this world.  It can hence help us to overcome sin in our lives.


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