Book about “Living By Faith” (Financially)

There is a interesting short book about how a group of christian women trust God totally for their finances.  They are the Evangelical Sisters of Mary who are like protestant nuns (no they’re not Catholic despite the name “Mary”).
They do not have paid jobs, but testify of God’s miraculous provision for their food clothing, shelter and more.  The book gives many real life testimonies of God’s faithfulness from the smallest to the biggest of needs.

An important point in the book is their continual lifestyle of prayer,  confession and repentence to facilitate this lifestyle of faith. 

There are actually two books available.  They are :-

1.  Realities – “Down Under” –  about how the sisters established their ministry in Australia    &

2.  Realities of Faith – by M Basilea Schlink.  This talks about how the ministry was first established in Germany.

There is a cute part in the second book where the sisters spent a week doing special activities for some poor children in the area.  They were teaching them how to pray in faith.  Hence some of the children starting praying for some candy because after World War II such luxuries were very scarce.  On the day before the children were to leave, a man came to deliver supplies of jam to their centre.  He apologised that the delivery was a bit late and sheepishly offered a large bag of candy to compensate for his tardiness, (having no idea that the children had been praying for this).  Naturally the children were delighted to see God’s provision of a special treat before leaving the Sisters’ lodgings.

You can purchase the books by emailing-

The Evangelical Sisters of Mary  website is

NB.  Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are trying to do the best they can)


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