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How To Purchase Tickets Online

May 30, 2009

I have purchased several items online with my credit card or Paypal and not had any problems in the process. So why not cut and paste these instructions into a Word document,  print it off, then follow them, to purchase your tickets online.

1. Log into

2. Click “Buy Music” tab above

3. Click “Services”

4. Click “Concert Tickets”

5. Click “CD Launch Concert Tickets”

6. Input number of tickets for purchase

7. Click “Add Item” button

8. Check no. of tickets and total price

9. Make any changes than click “Update Cart”

10. Write down your Order Number

11. Click “Check Out” button

12. Fill in the Shipping Form especially your Name, Address and Email

13. When complete an email will be sent to Beverley who will mail out your tickets to your address ASAP


The Budget Deficit – Constructive Debt

May 27, 2009

During this present economic crisis, there has been much controversy over the Government’s stimulus package as well as increased expenditure for infrastructure and public works programs for this nation. These measures have obviously created a huge billion dollar deficit which will eventually need to be paid off in future.

As these events unfold it is natural to become  concerned about this mounting debt . I myself am extremely risk averse and prefer to avoid any type of personal debt at all costs, instead having a surplus.  However I realise there are other personalities who are willing and comfortable to acquire a certain amount of debt,  especially if it can benefit other people,  and help to produce long term wealth and growth over time.   Hence after discussing these issues recently with a friend, I was reminded of the fact that in certain situations a certain amount of debt maybe necessary, in order to create and build wealth for the nation, especially in times of economic crisis. The following are some classic examples that can be found in everyday life,  where debt is sometimes necessary to build wealth.

1.  Businesses –  any business both large and small knows that usually a certain amount of debt in the form of business loans need to be taken out in order to get things started or to purchase important assets etc for the business.  Some savvy business people would tell you that at the initial stages, you have to spend money to make money. Without such initial spending,  nothing would happen to set the wheels in motion for the generation of future income.

If you look at any balance sheet you will usually find a certain figure for loans that still need to be paid off.  This is just a natural part of business.  There will also be a long list of expenditure items from the Profit and Loss Statement.  Again these items are essential to establish the business in the first place,  in order to generate income and profits for the future.  If these huge expenditures were not made,  these business owners would not be able to create the means to generate any income in the first place, in order to earn a living.  Instead they would still have zero wealth and no potential for growth in wealth and income.

In a sense what the present government is doing is similar.  Since they know the wealth of the country will be in jeopardy, on a national level and a personal level,  they realise that just like a new business,  they will need to take out a loan and undertake necessary expenditure,  in order to eventually establish a “business of operations” so that future income and job opportunities can be generated in abundant amounts for future generations.   This income can then eventually generate profits for the business owners own survival as well as for investment  back into the business to make it grow and hence employ more workers to expand it’s operations.

2.  Individuals – It can also be shown how debt is often necessary in order to produce wealth for an individual on a personal level.   Taking out a mortgage on a home can be a prime example.  It is only when this debt is created that an individual or couple can start building their wealth by gradually paying this off,  so that eventually they will own their own asset which could eventually increase in value during boom times.

This home aquired by an initial loan or the incurring of debt,  can later or even be immediately used as a form of income generation by renting out a room to a boarder or later renting out the whole house to another family.

If you read some wealth creation books many savvy businessman say that if they are in a place with very little money, what they do is start giving a good portion of it away to needy causes or needy people.  This is so, because even as a non christian,  they can still be aware of God’s universal law that when we give it will be given back to us in abundance.  It helps to generate a cycle where money will flow, instead of making it stagnate.  This is probably the principal applied to the stimulus packages.

3.  Property Investors –  It is also useful to realise that the building of a property portfolio usually involves taking out substantial loans (or going into a certain amount of debt) initially, in order to start taking ownership of a certain amount of property including land or a large buildings.  Without first going into this debt,  this process of wealth creation could not be instigated.  There is inevitably expenses which go along with maintaining or upgrading these buildings or properties.  However this is still a necessary process in building and growing the wealth and sustainability of an enterprise.

One could then argue that the money spent to “stimulate” the economy and handed out to pensioners was not money spent to purchase an asset of any sort.  However this expenditure was still probably instrumental in helping many businesses from going bankrupt straight away.  Instead it probably gave businesses more time before bankruptcy would have happened, to perhaps plan and re-strategise in order to find a way to stay afloat and survive during this economic crisis.

The greater amounts of spending in infrastructure and public works however, is a definite investment into the future which can reap long term benefits in the form of government revenues and jobs.  This will in turn enable  people to earn money to spend on the economy,  to increase business incomes and growth.

From this discussion,  it is evident that during certain times and in the process of wealth creation,  growth and survival,  it is often necessary to go into a certain amount of productive debt since this is necessary for the creation of future income.  This is proven in the case of running an ordinary business whether that be small or large or acquiring a family home through the means of a mortgage.

Perhaps this perspective can give a more positive outlook for what may initially seem to be meaningless or wasteful spending by the present government. 

It is also well to note that the budget deficit – has been caused by constructive spending for a good cause ie to

a)  Help the Poorer Members of society eg. pensioners through the stimulus packages

b)  Help Businesses stay afloat

c)  Help Schools to develop sound expertise and skilled labour for the future

d)  Help Hospitals,  so sick people can heal more quickly and continue to contribute in a meaningful way to the workforce

e)  Help to improve Public Transport facilities so more workers can get to work safely, comfortably and quickly so they can contribute to their place of work more efficiently and effectively. 

f)  Improvement in roads and rail can facilitate businesses to transport and distribute their goods & produce more efficiently and effectively to faciltate scales of production and hence profits.

All these factors are designed to help the economy run more efficiently and in due time , increase the wealth and economic growth of the nation.  The budget deficit has not been created from “destructive” debt which is built on selfishness ,  greed,  corruption,  fraud or increased incomes for politicians.

Therfore it is evident that there are two types of government debt:-

1.  Constructive Debt–  which ultimately helps individuals in society on a grass roots level in order to assist in alleviating human suffering.

2.  Destructive Debt – spent on luxuries that people don’t need or to satisfy ones own need for vanity, greed,  selfishness, corruption or keeping up with the Joneses.  On a national and a personal level this  type of debt should be avoided at all costs.

In conclusion,  it can be argued that the present government deficit would be classified as “Constructive Debt” since it’s primary purpose is to help alleviate human suffering on an individual, family and business level as well as activate the wheels of motion to create wealth and facilitate growth for the future economy.

Prima facie it sounds like good rhetoric to always have a “budget surplus” according to the national bank statement.   However it may not always be healthy, if there is a huge surplus, while many desperate needs in society are not being met.  For instance, it is not a “wealthy” attitude for an old man to have a huge surplus in his bank account,  and yet refuse to help his son buy food in desperate times, when this son is short of funds, due to the inability to find a job for a long period of time.  Also the large surplus of previous years was produced partly because of the minerals boom (which has little to do with government economic management),  and by selling off income producing government assets. Hence from a balance sheet viewpoint, this latter strategy, could be seen as a decrease in the future wealth of the enterprise.  Young people may also complain that they are the ones who will have to pay off the present debt in terms of higher taxes in the future.  However one could argue that it is still much better to have a job and pay a bit more tax,  then have no job at all. 

Luke 6:38 says ” Give and it will be given to you .  A good measure pressed down shaken together and running over,  will be poured into your lap. 

Let us pray that the money that has already spent will reap the rewards of future income and growth as planned, and that the Lord will multiply the results of these economic strategies to benefit the people who make up out nation as a whole.

Praying in Tongues

May 26, 2009

To some observers praying in tongues may look and sound like a lot of meaningless babble.

However recently I discovered the deeper meaning of what praying in tongues means, and the benefits it has to our spiritual walk with God.

Firstly, praying in tongues is a spiritual gift from God and is given to any believer who earnestly desires and asks for it in prayer. It is best imparted by another mature believer who also practices the gift of praying in tongues.

After receiving this gift,  we must then practice it on a regular basis.  Five minutes per day could be a good start.  This enables the words and language to develop.  God will give us the words,  we just have to focus on our spirit.  It is also best not to analyse the process too much with our minds.  It is not ourselves that creates the words – it is the Holy Spirit who directs us, as to what to say.  Sometimes if we think about the process too much,  it could give us a headache and we can lose the spiritual impact of this gift.

What is Praying in Tongues?
Whenever we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit gives us the prayers to pray.  Since these prayers emanate directly from God, there is an absence of all self centred, soulish elements or attitudes in these prayers.  It completely bypasses the soulish (or fleshly) realm.  As a result,  our spirit is united with God’s spirit to become one,  while we pray in tongues.

Benefits of Praying in Tongues
1.  It edifies our spirit and lifts us up,  even though we may not know the exact meaning of our prayers or what we are saying.

2.  We are able pray God’s prayers for us or a situation.  In effect these prayers are not diluted with our own thoughts or selfish desires. 

3.  It unites our spirit with God’s Holy Spirit

4.  It strengthens our spirit to make us more resilient to Satan’s attacks and prepares us for God’s work.

5.  When we feel Satan attacking us in some way,  praying in tongues straight away, helps to fight him off.  For instance attacks in the form of negative thoughts,  words or actions.

6.  Praying in tongues on a daily basis, can help us to desire the things of God instead of the things of this world.  It can hence help us to overcome sin in our lives.

Helping Your Child Handle Difficult Emotions

May 26, 2009

Sometimes I feel

There is a new book published called ” Sometimes I Feel – How to help your child handle difficult emotions“.   It is written by Samantha Seymour a clinical psychologist and mother of two sons aged 2 & 5.  The book contains inspiring visuals where parents can talk through how to handle difficult emotions with their child.  Although not designed to be a complete manual it may provide some insights and suggestions for this sometime difficult area. 

See the following link for more details :-

Oz Recycle

May 26, 2009

Newly weds? About to be married? Or just expanding the needs of a growing family? You might find a useful freebie in the form of a household item or piece of furniture at the website “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” – so say dedicated green recyclers. On the other hand if you feel you need to get rid of something in your home but find it’s  still too good to end up as land fill, you could donate it here for someone else to find good use for it, making it a win-win for everybody.

Book about “Living By Faith” (Financially)

May 10, 2009

There is a interesting short book about how a group of christian women trust God totally for their finances.  They are the Evangelical Sisters of Mary who are like protestant nuns (no they’re not Catholic despite the name “Mary”).
They do not have paid jobs, but testify of God’s miraculous provision for their food clothing, shelter and more.  The book gives many real life testimonies of God’s faithfulness from the smallest to the biggest of needs.

An important point in the book is their continual lifestyle of prayer,  confession and repentence to facilitate this lifestyle of faith. 

There are actually two books available.  They are :-

1.  Realities – “Down Under” –  about how the sisters established their ministry in Australia    &

2.  Realities of Faith – by M Basilea Schlink.  This talks about how the ministry was first established in Germany.

There is a cute part in the second book where the sisters spent a week doing special activities for some poor children in the area.  They were teaching them how to pray in faith.  Hence some of the children starting praying for some candy because after World War II such luxuries were very scarce.  On the day before the children were to leave, a man came to deliver supplies of jam to their centre.  He apologised that the delivery was a bit late and sheepishly offered a large bag of candy to compensate for his tardiness, (having no idea that the children had been praying for this).  Naturally the children were delighted to see God’s provision of a special treat before leaving the Sisters’ lodgings.

You can purchase the books by emailing-

The Evangelical Sisters of Mary  website is

NB.  Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are trying to do the best they can)

DVD – Alvin and the Chipmunks

May 9, 2009

This week’s DVD is  “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  Fun viewing for the whole family.  Follow the scintillating adventures of the three furry friends (who by the way are really brothers) – Alvin,  Simon and Theodore as they unexpectedly get transported from their place in the forest to the home of the ailing songwriter Dave.  Dave faced by another song rejection from the city’s record company executive,  is suddenly catapulted to success by the talented singing and dancing trio.  You too will become a fan while you follow the adventures of their musical career as they try to escape  from the clutches of the selfish record company executive back into the arms of their newly adopted dad “Dave”. 

You can even watch the special features and learn the special hip hop Chipmunk dance moves.  What more could you ask for?

Prayer to ban the film “Corpus Christi”

May 7, 2009

Please pray that the new film called “Corpus Christi” will be banned in America and South America. It is a movie that depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals. It is already banned in regions of Europe. You may also try emailing US film corporations or cinemas.  The following is a message I received from a christian friend:-

Corpus Christi, The Movie

The movie Corpus Christi is due to be released this June to August.

This film set to appear in America later this year and it depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theatres for a while. It’s called Corpus Christi ‘ which means ‘The Christ Body..’ It’s a revolting mockery of our Lord. But, we can make a difference. That’s why I am sending this e-mail to you. If you do send this around, we may be able to prevent this film from showing in America and South Africa .

Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned the film. We need a lot of prayers and a lot of e-mails.

Why Hurt People Hurt People

May 4, 2009

I read an article a few years ago which gives a good insight into hurting and wounded
people.  It is by Joseph Mattera.  I found it again on a marriage website.  However this
does not just apply to a marriage context.  It may prove insightful reading to help you
identify hurting people or if you maybe one yourself.

NB.  Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most)





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May 1, 2009

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