Purity of Heart and Compassion

I was reading parts of the book called “The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus” by Brennan Manning and discovered some very interesting and fascinating insights I thought I would share with you.  This has been a great book to read since the author confronts Christians with many issues.   Another title of this book could be “The Things We Think But Do Not Say”.

In his book he shares his view about what “Purity of Heart” means to him.   He talks about the idea that it does not necessarily mean that a person is totally sinless since it is difficult for any Christian  to  attain this level of perfection here on earth.  Instead it is when we cry out to God in worship saying ” You alone are the Holy One,  you alone are the Lord.”  It does not come by our own Herculean efforts and threadbare resolutions.  It is through constant worship of the Lord  in our lives that helps us produce this purity of heart.  When we worship God, we choose to see only the compassion, the infinite patience and tender love of Christ and realise that Jesus is Lord.  We realise this is all that we need.  When we are mesmerized by his presence then our own guilt and reproach disappear into nothingness. We are no longer aware of ourselves.  Instead in worshipping God it takes our eyes off ourselves and focuses them on the wonder and holiness of God.  Through worship even the desire for holiness can be transformed into a pure and simple desire for Jesus himself.     In this way Purity of Heart can be seen as taking our eyes off ourselves and our own faults and instead focusing them more on Jesus.  When we have a simple desire for Jesus and have him always in our focus,  then God can gradually cleanse us in His way and time even while we are not looking .

Hope this doesn’t sound too “airy fairy”.  However it did help me to see another perspective to what “purity of heart” means and helped me to make a more conscious effort to enter into worship during our worship times.

The author also talks about the importance of compassion and how this is one of the true characteristics of a Christian.  He goes on to say that it can take a lot of spiritual maturity to have compassion and that it is opposite of competition which he finds so present in the Christian world.


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