Movie: Runaway Holiday

I saw a really funny movie the other night called “Runaway Holliday” starring Robin Williams.  It’s a selection that I’ve never really heard of before in this actor’s repertoire .  However I found it quite hilarious in it’s own “silly” sort of way.  It was just what I needed after having a rather stressful week. 

It’s about a family who was originally going to fly to Hawaii for their annual vacation. Unfortunately, during the week before their departure,  the father is pressured by his pushy boss, to write a major presentation during his supposed “break”, to facilitate a big company merger . The boss insists on constant communication during the father’s vacation.  As a result the father (Williams) is not able to go to Hawaii, to the huge disappointment of his wife and two children. 

The father instead arranges for the whole family to spend their time away together in a huge RV, (is like a huge driveable caravan).  Since the father’s job is “on the line” and dependent on whether he can show his “job commitment” during his holiday,  he refrains to tell the rest of the family of his predicament, not wanting to alarm them of his shaky employment situation. 

Hence what follows is a hilarious series of events which make up a highly unusual and unexpected vacation.  Robyn Williams is in prime form pulling off all the gags in his own comedic style as he attempts to maintain the smooth running and operation of the vehicle, while trying to secretly finish his work presentation in stolen moments during the day and night.

As a clue, without giving too much away, the title of the movie refers to the fact that on numerous occasions, the huge “bus -like” RV,  is constantly running down a hill, into a river etc always at the most unexpected moments when the father is totally unawares. 

It’s a great family movie that can be seen by the little ones as well. It also contains some wholesome principals about family life.  I believe you’ll find it highly entertaining . I was still chuckling to myself over all the funny bits the next day while driving to a singing gig and feeling a bit weary.  This was enough to re-energise me again.

Overall,  I found the movie, a great distresser.  Why not try it for yourself?


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