Blood Donors Needed for Fire Victims

Blood donation appeal for the bushfire victims in Victoria

The People of Victoria are going through immense sufferings due to the recent most tragic and devastating bushfire where hundreds of human lives were lost. The fires are perhaps the worst tragedy in Australia’s peacetime history. The worse is expected from this national calamity. Many victims with burns are receiving treatment at the hospitals. Based on the appeal from the Prime Minister’s office, we are encouraging the communities to consider donating blood as urgent donations are needed. Information on blood donations is available at the web

 The compassion and initiative of diverse faiths and multicultural communities throughout Australia can help towards this difficult and crucial journey of healing.

On Saturday, 21/2/09 from 11.00 am till 2pm @

Parramatta Donor Centre, 4 George Street, Parramatta.

Assemble in front of the Parramatta town hall at 11am and then proceed to the donor centre.

For more information, please contact one of our coordinators.

Susai Benjamin JP  Tel: 9688 1833,
Reji Varghese JP, Mob: 0414 454 533
Jacob Thomas, Mob: 0403 675 382
Ejaz Khan, Mob: 0401 053 748
Immanuel S, Mob: 0405 067 036.

E-mail us:

You may also email – by Wed 18 Feb with your name as a donor.


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