Song: Child In Your Arms

This song is a testimony of how God has brought me through healing and that He has been a loving Heavenly Father to me.  This is a song I wrote many years ago but have come to a greater heart realisation of it after completing the one week “Father Heart Ministries” school.


I’m a child in your arms
I’m a child in your arms
Refuge of safety
A place of calm
Where I will always rest secure
Knowing that you are my Father
Keep me close to your heart Lord

Verse 1
You’ve brought me through healing and all through my tears
You have been faithful all of these years
You’ve always held me in the palm of you hand
And by your power now I can stand


Verse 2
At times it’s hard to trust you & hard to let go
Of worldly things that toss us to & fro
I know there’s something better when you say no
So give me strength to follow your road.


Verse 3
Take me on Lord to fulfil your plan for my life
Hold my hand Father through joy and strife
Your power can open up the door to my dreams
I’ll follow your footsteps your plan so supreme


(c) Beverley Tang 2000

To listen this song  :-

1. Go to

2. Go to the “Songs” player on the right hand side

3.  Scroll down the song list to find “Child In Your Arms”

4.  Click the play button in the middle of the screen

Prayer Request

1. Webmaster: 

a skilled webmaster who can upload a video to my website and a music player like those found on Amazon.



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