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How To Overcome Jealousy

February 25, 2009

Jealousy and envy can be a common emotion found within families, amongst friends, in the church and community. It is not a pleasant feeling or experience. In the bible, God tells us that jealousy is a  sin. This is stated in Galatians 5:19 which says:-

“The acts of the sinful nature are obvious:sexual immorality,impurity and debauchery, idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies and the like”.

Jealousy can rise up within us for many reasons and sometimes unexpectedly.  For instance,  when we see our neighbour driving his new car,   the rapid promotion of a work colleague or a friend’s financial good fortune. Jealousy can also occur within the church;  like being jealous of another person’s gifts or talents,  seeing another ministry prosper and grow faster than your own, or seeing other churches attracting more people than your own.

However this article does not seek to condemn anyone.  You will probably find that if everyone in the church “fesses up”  we will find that ALL of us have been guilty of this sin at one time or another.  We are not alone in our feelings of jealousy when they occur.    We may just think we are alone,  because jealousy seems to be one of those ugly topics that no one wants to talk about let alone confess to one another.    The trouble with this sort of secrecy and taboo, is that if we do not deal with jealousy in a Godly way it will cause all manner of hatred, discord, dissension and disunity within the church community and individual families.

Even worse if we do not try to repent of the sin of jealousy,  we can find ourselves acting out our feelings of envy.  For instance, slandering  the person we are jealous of by telling lies about them,  devising subtle and underhanded schemes to cause havoc  in the other person’s life,  planning to get rid of them if they are a work colleague, or doing their work badly if required to do a job for them.

In fact jealousy when acted out & not kept in check, can turn a seemingly pleasant church goer into a fully fledged “Jekyll and Hyde” personality. 

The Good News however is that there is another way, and that is God’s way.  This is alluded to in the bible verse from 1 John 1:9 :-

“If we confess our sins, he (God) is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”. 

Here are some practical steps to help deal with jealousy when it arises.  They may not necessarily be easy to do.  But choosing God’s way is always better than choosing the way of the devil.  Also repentance may not happen overnight but may occur over a period of time.

Practical Steps

Level 1







1.  It is good to remember that jealousy is a SIN before God.  It is not just a feeling.  Sometimes we may need to “call a spade a spade” so we don’t get into the habit of justifying why we may feel jealous of someone else.   In calling jealousy a SIN helps us to realise that it is something WE ourselves need to deal with.  It is therefore not our duty to take action into the other person’s life (causing destruction)  to make the stakes  more equitable.   (You’d be surprised how many people try to take matters  into their own hands).

2.  Realise that if you give in to jealousy and allow it to fester and grow you are giving in to Satan ,his schemes and lies.  You are really falling for Satan’s traps and deception.  Ask yourself do you really want the Devil to win in your Christian walk and be on his side?  Inside you probably don’t.

3.  When the feeling of jealousy arises try to pray straight away to the Lord and ask for his Holy Spirit to give you the power to overcome your negative thoughts attitudes and feelings.

Level 2
4.  If you feel that jealousy is starting to overwhelm you and “eat away ” at you constantly,  choose a mature christian you can trust who is assured of keeping a confidence with you.  This could be a spiritual mentor,  christian counsellor or trusted christian friend in or outside your church.  Ask them to pray  with you about this issue.  Go in an attitude of humility.  Try not to dwell too long on  all the reasons why you are jealous and feeling negative.  In prayer confess your jealousy before the Lord.  Ask your friend to pray that you will be given the power to repent, and instead to be thankful for who you are and what you have already.  Try to pray a blessing on the person you are jealous of and pray that God will destroy the work of the enemy in your life.  Ask this person to continue to pray for you in this matter.  Perhaps arrange to meet again on a regular basis until the matter is resolved in your life or you feel repentance has been achieved.

 “Confessing” our sins to a fellow traveller in the above way, can be a very powerful weapon against Satan and his schemes in our lives.  When we “confess  our sins to one another” as God commands us in 1 John 1:9, it no longer has so much power over us anymore because it no longer remains hidden .  If we experience sins that overwhelm us,  then inner decay begins when we keep sin a secret and try to hide it from God and people.  Eventually if we allow it to fester in our lives,   sin can begin to take control of us. Eventually we may become the green one eyed monster wreaking havoc openly or secretly in the other person’s life whom we are jealous of. Needless to say this is  not a good look for the Christian believer, especially as a witness for Jesus to the world at large.

If distance or circumstances does not allow you to meet with your support person immediately, talk to them over the phone.  You can also pray together over the phone.   It is better to deal with any feelings of jealousy early in the piece before it is allowed to linger on and grow out of proportion.

Level 3
5.  The following does not apply to everyone,  but for some individuals jealousy and envy can be a real stronghold in their lives.  This can be caused by a deep rooted hurt or trauma that may have occured in their early childhood or past.   For instance,  did your parents always favour other siblings over yourself,  causing you to harbour bitterness to those other siblings or towards your parents?  If so,   as an adult when you see another person who looks or acts like that favoured sibling , it may cause an uncontrollable welling up of jealousy in your own life, that you cannot explain. 

In this case,  this would probably require more deeper inner healing prayer by a trained christian prayer counsellor.   Some christian counsellors may be knowledgable of this.  The prayer ministry “Ellel” & “Elijah House” also specialise in this type of prayer ministry.  The process basically involves the prayer counsellor helping you to identify the root memory or incident that first caused the hurt in your life.  You would then choose to forgive the offenders of that situation.  What follows is usually feeling the hurt, anger, grief etc from that incident.    In dealing with the root incident from the past, and feeling all the painful emotions that went with that, the root cause of the jealousy stronghold can be dealt with.   The feelings of jealousy which may be triggered by everyday events (which serve as a reminder of the past trauma)  would then be lessened or eradicated.

6.   The final but important practical step is to try to refrain from “getting back” at the person you are jealous of.  This can take the form of slander, gossip,  trying to bring them down in some way,  causing hardship and destruction in their lives,  bullying,  hatred,  violence or starting a political faction against them in the church or  workplace. 

This step seems like a very obvious one.  However unfortunately it is still happening in a prolific way today even as we speak.   The New American Standard Bible says in Psalm 62:10 :-

Do not trust in oppression and do not vainly hope in robbery: if riches increase do not set your heart upon them.

It shows the great need that people have for the power of Jesus and his Holy Spirit in their lives.  It also shows the need for people to be presented with practical ways they can put the bible and it’s commands into practice. 

This is a big reason I feel strongly about the call to evangelism and the need to preach the message of the gospel to all the world through my gospel music and whatever gifts or talents that I may possess. 

I hope this article will prove helpful for you in your Christian walk.

God Bless



Zimbabwe Needs Our Help

February 25, 2009

Dear Friends

I just signed “ONE’s” petition calling on the African Union to keep its promise to the new unity government of Zimbabwe and I hope you will too:

The consequences of years of poor governance in Zimbabwe are poverty and disease on a tragic scale demanding a global response. Public hospitals have been without running water for months, creating a petri dish for easily preventable killers such as cholera. More than 3,000 people have died in Africa’s worst cholera epidemic in 19 years. Schools have been shut down because teachers can’t be paid. The agricultural sector has collapsed, half the population requires emergency food aid, and humanitarian aid groups are struggling to keep up.

Now Zimbabwe has a new unity government, but in order for it to have any chance to tackle these problems, it is going to need the African Union to do everything in its power as guarantor of the new government.

Add your name to the petition and show the African Union that the world is watching what it does in Zimbabwe:

Why not cut and paste this article in an email to your friends?  The more names on this petition the more powerful it will be.

Blood Donors Needed for Fire Victims

February 17, 2009

Blood donation appeal for the bushfire victims in Victoria

The People of Victoria are going through immense sufferings due to the recent most tragic and devastating bushfire where hundreds of human lives were lost. The fires are perhaps the worst tragedy in Australia’s peacetime history. The worse is expected from this national calamity. Many victims with burns are receiving treatment at the hospitals. Based on the appeal from the Prime Minister’s office, we are encouraging the communities to consider donating blood as urgent donations are needed. Information on blood donations is available at the web

 The compassion and initiative of diverse faiths and multicultural communities throughout Australia can help towards this difficult and crucial journey of healing.

On Saturday, 21/2/09 from 11.00 am till 2pm @

Parramatta Donor Centre, 4 George Street, Parramatta.

Assemble in front of the Parramatta town hall at 11am and then proceed to the donor centre.

For more information, please contact one of our coordinators.

Susai Benjamin JP  Tel: 9688 1833,
Reji Varghese JP, Mob: 0414 454 533
Jacob Thomas, Mob: 0403 675 382
Ejaz Khan, Mob: 0401 053 748
Immanuel S, Mob: 0405 067 036.

E-mail us:

You may also email – by Wed 18 Feb with your name as a donor.

Song: Greater Love

February 14, 2009

This song is based on the bible verse in John 15:13. The song states that the greatest love of all is when Jesus lay down his life for us. This surpasses all other types of love on this earth.

If you would like to see Beverley performing her song “Greater Love” with  orchestra and choir then why not come to the “Kevinwood Easter Concert”. The details are as follows:-

Kevinwood Easter Concert

Date :   Sunday 15 March 2009

Time:    2-4 pm

Venue:   Haseler Centre Hall, 32 Hillview Road, Eastwood

Current Program:

• Variations on a Theme of Haydn – BRAHMS
• Choral fun songs by Choristers
• Four-in-hand Irish songs by bells
• SINGALONG Irish Songs
• Fifth Symphony – BEETHOVEN

INTERVAL – tea & coffee provided

• Choir with orchestra -Morn of Glory excerpts-FRED W PEACE
Greater Love – BEVERLEY, choir backing and orchestra
• Off-table bellringing
• Maple Leaf Rag – SCOTT JOPLIN
• Sabre Dance – KHACHATURIAN

• Easter Parade Selection – IRVING BERLIN

Tickets: At the door -Adults-$5, Children-$2              

Parking:   Inside school grounds



Here is an excerpt of the lyrics to Beverley’s song “Greater Love“.


Greater love has no one 
Greater love has no one

Greater love has no one 
That He lay down His life for us

Greater love has no one 
Greater love has no one

Greater love has no one 
That He lay down His life

Even while we turned away 
From His face



His body bled for you and me     
His hands were nailed into a tree

He prayed for all his enemies                 
As they tortured him

There is no greater love than this            
Such a love should not be missed
By you
See you there.


Song: Child In Your Arms

February 6, 2009

This song is a testimony of how God has brought me through healing and that He has been a loving Heavenly Father to me.  This is a song I wrote many years ago but have come to a greater heart realisation of it after completing the one week “Father Heart Ministries” school.


I’m a child in your arms
I’m a child in your arms
Refuge of safety
A place of calm
Where I will always rest secure
Knowing that you are my Father
Keep me close to your heart Lord

Verse 1
You’ve brought me through healing and all through my tears
You have been faithful all of these years
You’ve always held me in the palm of you hand
And by your power now I can stand


Verse 2
At times it’s hard to trust you & hard to let go
Of worldly things that toss us to & fro
I know there’s something better when you say no
So give me strength to follow your road.


Verse 3
Take me on Lord to fulfil your plan for my life
Hold my hand Father through joy and strife
Your power can open up the door to my dreams
I’ll follow your footsteps your plan so supreme


(c) Beverley Tang 2000

To listen this song  :-

1. Go to

2. Go to the “Songs” player on the right hand side

3.  Scroll down the song list to find “Child In Your Arms”

4.  Click the play button in the middle of the screen

Prayer Request

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Bev’s Sydney Town Hall Performance

February 1, 2009

If you would like to see Beverley performing her song “His Power” at the Sydney Town Hall you can click on the following link:-

1.   then scroll down the page to the Utube player.

Here are the words to the song:-


By Beverley


Verse 1

Some days I feel so tired and so weary

Seems like such an effort to go on

My head feels heavy my body feels a burden

Why do I feel so weak for so long?

But I remember the words of the Lord

That were given me many years ago

They remind me of where I stand before Almighty God

And this is such a comfort when I’m low



His power is made perfect in my weakness

His power is made perfect when I’m frail

His power is made perfect in my weakness

I can rest in Him ‘cos He is strong


Verse 2

I face a challenge the Lord would have me do

Can I really take this step of faith?

At first I think I don’t have what it takes

The Lord says “that is not the case

because  I will do it through you

Just learn to trust me wait and see

Because you’re the one I’ve chosen to do my will

You’ll do it, you’ll do it all through me “





Power Almighty Power of God

Power Almighty Lord

Power Almighty Power of God

You can trust in Him

You can rest in Him





©  Beverley Tang  January 2008


Quote:  ” If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in each man’s life a sorrow and a suffering enough to disarm all hostility .
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow