Healing for the Homosexual

It is possible for the homosexual person to receive hope and healing through the power of Jesus Christ. This can be achieved through deep inner healing and highly skilled and experienced prayer ministry. There are no guarantees however, and it depends on each individual case. Often homosexuals did not fully identify with their same sex parent. Others may have suffered some type of sexual abuse or child abuse in their growing up years.

The following resources could be very useful for churches.  Some churches don’t know what to do with homosexual people.  Hence many of these individuals end up feeling condemned,  ostracised and naturally don’t want to go back to church again.

The following are some resources that exist to offer hope healing and mercy for homosexual people.

1. Exodus International -http://exodus.to/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
This is an international Christian organisation which has a special ministry to homosexuals. Their aim is to provide hope healing encouragement and support for those who experience homosexual attractions. They provide trained speakers conferences, resources and real life stories, for those who have come out of a homosexual lifestyle, through the healing power of Jesus.

2. Living Waters Ministryhttp://www.livingwaters.org.au/ is another ministry to homosexual people that exists in Australia. It aims to offer God’s grace, mercy & healing to those who struggle with their sexuality. It aims to offer understanding, care and a safe place for processing and restoration.

3. “Strength in Weaknesses” – this is a book written by Andy Cominsky from America. The “Living Waters Ministry” above, came under his teaching. Andy Cominsky is a Christian man who came out of a homosexual lifestyle. This book offers hope and encouragement for the homosexual. Andy Cominsky also originally came out of John Wimber’s ministry .

4. Leanne Payne – is another christian author who pioneered much prayer healing and ministry to homosexuals. Books she has written on the topic which are highly recommended are:-

a) The Broken Image
b) The Healing of the Homosexual &
c) Crisis in Masculinity

5. Counselling & HomosexualityA How-To Approach by Earl D Wilson, Ph D.
This is Christian book I read many years ago, which gives insight to some of the cases that the author has dealt with regarding the healing of homosexual clients.

It can be helpful to use these resources either for yourself, a friend or just to be better informed as a Christian about this controversial area.

The following is an email from Koorong Books in West Ryde regarding the availability of the above books:-

Dear Beverley,

Thank you for your enquirey.
I have checked our stock figures for you.

a) Broken Image by Leanne Payne – We are currently out of stock in all of our stores. However we would be happy to order in a copy in for you. It would take approximately three months as it would be sent from overseas. The price is $21.95.

b) The Healing of the Homosexual by Leanne Payne – Unfortunately this item is out of print and we are therefore unable to order it for you. 

c) Crisis in Masculinity by Leanne Payne – We have approximately 12 copies across our stores. The price is $18.95.

d)  Counselling & Homosexuality by Earl Wilson – This item is out of print and we therefore are unable to order it in for you.

In regards to out of print stock, these websites may be of some use:
1.  www.amazon.com    &
2. www.biblioquest.com

Kind regards
Koorong Customer Service
West Ryde NSW Australia


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