Song: Run To The Lord

I wrote this song to encourage people to   run to our God , especially when life seems very confusing & messy at times.

Run To The Lord

Verse 1
Is life a mess to you
Does your whole life seem dry?
You say it’s like a cliché
And you feel you don’t want to try
Don’t hold back from seeking God
He will give you the answer
Spend some time with Him today
He will be the enhancer of your life

Run to the Lord Don’t run away
He wants you to come to Him
Run to the Lord Don’t be afraid
He’s there waiting for you

Verse 2
Are there things you’re afraid to face
Are there things you keep inside?
Confess them to the Lord
In Him you can confide
He will help you overcome
In His strength you will conquer
Take that step of courage
You will find there is so much love in Him

Middle 8
You say you feel unworthy to face the Lord
You feel like God will roar down with chain and sword
Just be brave and be prepared to give your all
He’s there with open arms for you


© Beverley Tang 2008

To listen this song  :-

1. Go to

2. Go to the “Songs” player on the right hand side

3.  Scroll down the song list to find “Run To The Lord”

4.  Click the play button in the middle of the screen



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