Elizabeth I

I was watching the movie “Elizabeth” with Cate Blanchett the other day and I was reminded of why this is one of my favourite movies.  Firstly I think Cate Blanchett is brilliant in the leading role and I love the way the movie did her make up which looks so much like the image of this historical icon.  The costumes are also totally luschious.  The stunning and breathtaking cinematography is also a great treat as well. 

I also love the film score or music used in the background to create the whole drama.   The intricate orchestrations,  haunting melodies often performed by operatic singers as well as authentic choral arrangements help to bring the story to life in a starkly dramatic way.  Apparently one of the composers was David Herschfelder who used to play keyboards in John Farnham’s band. 

Parts of the film however are not historically accurate.  For instance I do not believe that  Lord Robert Dudley actually had physical relations with Queen Elizabeth.  This was clearly a modern interpretation to suit 21st Century audiences.  

Be that as it may,  it is still a great film which cleverly describes the tension danger and drama surrounding Elizabeth I’s  rise to the throne.


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