Corporations helping the Community

I saw an interesting documentary on the ABC’s 7.30 Report  It talked about an organisation called “The Australian Business & Community Network”. This began in 2005 and was originally established because the corporate sector realised they had to do something about the negative image they have with the community.

CEO’s of large corporations like the Commonwealth Bank and Optus decided to visit disadvantaged schools in South West Sydney to offer their expertise and experience. One school that was included in the program was a High School in Cabramatta. The program involved the school principal and senior teachers meeting with these key business people to learn from each other especially in terms of management skills. Time was also spent by these business people, with high school students to help them in areas such as goal setting and career development.

In return these key people in education were able to discover the real need for basic skills such as reading and writing that are needed and often lacking by people in the corporate sector.

This is a good way that the business world can give back to the community and open their eyes to the needs of the world around them. All the business contributors expressed what a great learning and fulfilling experience it has been to be involved in these community programs.

This also reflects the growing need for corporations to be aware of their social responsibility to the community instead of just having a profit centred focus.

To find out more about ABNC – The Australian Business & Community Network log into


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