Song about Forgiveness

The following is one of the main tracks from my first album . It’s called “Don’t Close Your Heart”. It encourages us to forgive others when they hurt or offend us.  It also describes how  God  can give us the power to go through this forgiveness process to cleanse us from all bitterness and resentment.

Here are the lyrics to the song:-



By Beverley Tang


Verse 1

I know you have been hurt so many times before

The pain of past relationships have bruised you to the core

Thorns then grew around your heart to ward off future pain

But have you really changed since then or are you still the same?




Don’t close your heart to people who want to love you

Don’t close your heart to those who want to care

There’s people who care and can be true

So don’t despair God’ll bring you through

So you can learn to love again



Verse 2

Maybe you need some healing, does unforgiveness lurk in your heart?

God can free you from that sin   He can help you on that path

He’ll embrace you in His arms as He cleanses you deep inside

And like shining diamond,  there’ll be no need to hide





And then one day you’ll see a real change

You’ll find that God has set you free


Verse 3

In your uniqueness you have just so much to give

But it’s all locked away inside have you begun to live

There’s beauty there inside you, but to many is unknown

God can help you open up so your richness can be shown





© Beverley Tang  2008   


To listen to the song :-


1. Go to

2. Go to the “Songs” player on the right hand side

3.  Scroll down the song list to find “Don’t Close Your Heart”

4.  Click the play button in the middle of the screen





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