Debt Relief for Third World Countries

There is a great website link from the “Make Poverty History” website that describes the importance of providing Debt Relief to Third World Countries. Instead of paying interest to rich nations or the World Bank, this money can instead be used  to provide health care and education for it’s own people. It also supports the principals in the video “The Money Masters” . This video is discussed in my earlier blog below entitled ” Possible Cause of Recessions and World Poverty”. It mentions in the conclusion about how The World Bank and Rich Nations are enslaving Third World Countries in billions of dollars of debt.

You can check out the Debt Relief link for valuable insights and info at

Quote ”  No kingdom should be built on the backs of slaves”  – Moses when he pleaded with Pharoah to release the Israelite people from slavery under the Egyptians.   From the movie “Prince of Egypt”.


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