Climate Change- A Genius Solution

I saw an interesting documentary on Monday night 13 October 2008 on the ABC.   It was about a clever man called Dorjee Sun who established his own “Social Business”, to solve the problem of carbon emissions, to help eradicate the pressing problem of climate change.  From what I gathered from the program here is how it works :-

 1.  The main problem associated with climate change is the excess production of carbon into the atmosphere especially from industries, corporations motor vehicles and our general everyday lifestyle.

2.  A way to reduce these carbon emissions is by planting more trees or large forests which actually need carbon to survive and can hence absorb all these dangerous carbon emissions.

3.  Hence the aim of Dorjee’s company is to:-

a)  Protect existing forests in the world eg.  By employing actual staff like Rangers to watch over the forest to help maintain it    and

b)  Clear unused vacant land in different countries to plant new forests of a large size.

4.  To help fund these projects he has secured the assistance of the finance company Merryl Lynch to provide business loans to start undertaking this important work.

5.  A large part of Dorjee’s pioneering work is to negotiate with governments and communities for permission to eg.

a)  Stop the abolition of existing forests around the world

b)  Provide manpower like Rangers to protect and maintain existing forests

c)  Clear unused vacant land to build new forests

d)  Acquiring necessary scientific research to find out how much forest must be created to absorb a significant amount of carbon emissions so that climate change can be effectively reduced or eradicated.

6.  Costs of this business would include:-

a)  Costs to apply for government and community permission

b)  Bulldozers to clear vacant land to be ready for forest planting

c)  Good soil to plant new trees

d)  Tree seedlings

e)  Manpower to maintain and grow the new forests

f)  Cost of Rangers to monitor and oversee existing forests

g)  Repayments of loans to Merryl Lynch    and so on

7.  Revenue of the Business is generated by approaching large corporations especially in Western Countries.  These companies would show how much carbon emissions they release into the atmosphere per year as a result of their production.  In order for them to offset the effect of these carbon emissions ( to satisfy Government requirements which have been ratified by the Kyoto Agreement),  they would be given the opportunity to purchase from Dorjee’s Company, (not shares)  but “Carbon Credits”  for a certain amount of money.

8.  These Carbon Credits would represent a certain amount of money (represented by a certificate etc)  which would go directly into :-

a)  Establishing more huge forests all around the world – this is already taking place in Indonesia   and

b)  Maintaining existing forests

9.  A Profit can still be made by Dorjee Sun’s Carbon Emissions Company via the following calculation:-

a) Cost of the Business    ( from Point 6 )          minus  

b) Revenue of the Business  ( from Point 7) 
where companies purchase their own “Carbon Credits”      equals

c)  Profit Margin  

10.  Dorjee clearly states that these Profits would then be reinvested into the company to build more forests around the world to continue to offset carbon emissions until climate change can be eradicated.

Some journalists have criticized Dorjee’s idea saying it may just be another scheme to capitalize on an environmental problem to make profits for an already successful businessman.    It is true that Dorjee Sun is a business millionaire.   However the fact that Dorjee has already become a millionaire through his other businesses,  can point to the fact that he doesn’t really need to benefit from the profits of his new Carbon Trading Company to sustain himself.  Instead this new Carbon Trading Company may truly be a philanthropic exercise to address a very current and pressing problem that is facing our world. 

Corporations, organizations and individuals may see paying for carbon credits as an annoying extra expense for their already tight budgets.  After all there does not seem to be any tangible monetary return like shares have.  However perhaps it is helpful to reframe our attitude to paying for carbon credits.  We could see it more as a donation or contribution to our environment, the world, our community.  God also states in Luke 6:38 “Give and it will be given to you.  A good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”.  This law works for non believers as well as believers.  It says that if we give with a cheerful and generous heart without expecting anything in return God will bless us tenfold in even greater abundance.

 It could be a good idea for  industries corporations and governments to check out  Dorjee Sun’s new idea out,  so it will help them fulfill  their responsibility  to the environment and hence our whole planet.


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