Asylum Seekers-Their Silent Removal

Dear All
There is a documentary on SBS on Wednesday 19 November at 8.30pm that I invite you all to watch and to encourage all your friends, family and colleagues to watch.  A Well-Founded Fear was filmed following reports of death, disappearance, imprisonment and torture, of fear-filled lives spent in hiding, privation and despair have filtered back to Australia about some people Australia has removed after disallowing their claims for protection on refugee or humanitarian grounds.
Disquiet about this situation was expressed to the 2000 Senate Committee by bodies such as the Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, the Australian Refugee Council and various legal aid and trauma treatment organisations. Following significant disquiet, the Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice commenced an investigation into the fate of asylum seekers deported from Australia.  The results are disturbing and force us to confront the impact of decisions made by the Howard Government.  While the tide is turning with more humane protection of asylum seekers and a cultural shift within the department of immigration, before a new future for those claiming asylum here can emerge, we must first take responsibility for what we have caused.

I invite you to watch this documentary so you can be informed and can, with so many Australians, ensure we not let this happen again.
Community Services & Outreach Co-ordinator
Salvation  Army




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