4 Good Reasons to Forgive

I have been recently using the bible reading aid called “Our Daily Bread”  to help me read a portion of the bible each day for my Quiet Time.  This can be obtained for free by logging onto the website:-http://www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml  and clicking on the link “Order Devotional” on the left hand side.

Here is an excerpt from today’s reading which I thought would be helpful for others as well as myself.

The writer states:-

” One factor that motivates me to forgive is that as a Christian I am commanded to, as a child of a Father who forgives.  Jesus said ” If you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses” (Mark 11:25)

But beyond that, I can identify three pragmatic reason. 

First, forgiveness halts the cycle of blame and pain,  breaking the chain of ungrace.  Without it we remain bound to the people we can’t forgive,  held in their vise grip.  ( Adelle – I have read that we can even become like them,  if we don’t forgive them !)

Second, forgiveness loosens the stranglehold of guilt in the perpetrator.  It allows the possiblity of transformation in the guilty party, even if a just punishment is still required.

Third, forgiveness creates a remarkable linkage, placing the forgiver on the same side as the party who did the wrong.  We are not as different from the wrongdoer as we would like to think,  for we too must ask our heavenly Father,  “Forgive us our debts”  (Matthew 6:12) ”  (Adelle – I was reminded recently that sometimes we can have a big problem with another person because they may be like ourselves in many ways.  We see in them, characteristics about ourselves that we don’t like, and that is what urks us).  ”

Hopefully these points will help to motivate us to  continue to forgive our brothers and sisters especially in the Body of Christ

Many Blessings to you all.

Prayer Points

1.  A highly skilled and godly music marketing business manager to help promote my gospel music ministry.

2.  A highly skilled and godly IT person to help fix my computer and upload videos to my website.

Thanks for your help
Adelle Arwen


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