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The Music Ministry and Vision

June 13, 2008

Dear Fellow Travellers

Greetings to you all.  I thought it was time to give you an update about what has been happening in my arena.  However before I do so, I would firstly like to mention an excellent seminar I attended.  The topic centered on what Muslims actually believe and how to best share the gospel with them.  The information was extremely eye opening and authentic since it came from a man who had formerly been a radical muslim himself. The speaker  Daniel Shayesteh was originally born into a muslim family in Northern Iran and later became a radical muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement.  However he later fell  out with members of his political group which was the beginning of his miraculous journey in discovering the truth of the Christian faith.  The revelation of who Jesus is was so life changing for Daniel, that he was called by the Lord to establish his apologetic ministry of evangelism to Muslims called “Exodus from Darkness”.    He is available to speak at churches by invitation. More information can be found at

As for myself I feel that the Lord is also calling me to establish  a  ministry ie a music ministry and I believe the time has now come where this will come into fruition in His way and time.   The following is a summary of how God is leading me at present.

1.  My Vision:  My vision is to use the powerful medium of music as a tool to bring the message of the gospel to non believers so they can discover and experience the joy peace and power of Jesus in their own lives.  This would be achieved by writing catchy, creative songs based on God’s word and christian principals to encourage all listeners to seek the Lord.  The songs would be especially directed to give hope and power to those who are facing great struggles and challenges in their lives….. and who isn’t in this day and age?

2.  Recording CD4 & CD5:  I have already recorded three CDs comprising 12 songs each.  The titles of these CDs are:-  “Strength In Your Struggles – Volumes 1 & 2” and  “Transformation”.  I am presently in the process of recording 2 more albums and it is my goal to finish these by the end of this year.  The titles of these two albums are “Facets of You”  (referring to God)  and ” Sword of the Spirit” based on various bible verses.

3.  To Listen to My Songs:  you can log into my website and click on the Music CD1 tab. 

4.  Stage Name:  if you have not realised yet,  I have adopted a professional stage name called “Adelle Arwen”.  I thought I would add this point to avoid any confusion with my name.

3.  Church Leaders:  I am liasing with various church leaders for prayer support so that the Lord will guide me clearly as to how to establish this ministry and provide the resources to do so.

4.  Prayer Team & Helpers:  In establishing a new ministry it is obvious that I cannot do it on my own. Therefore I am praying earnestly for a prayer team of supporters who would be willing to pray for me on a regular basis so that God can bring this ministry into being.  I am also praying for helpers who also share my music vision, and believe in my music, who are willing to use their gifts and talents to contribute to this evangelistic work.  For instance I am in need of the following :-

a)  Prayer Team :  5 to 10 people (or more)  who share my  music vision and also believe in my music who are willing to pray for the ministry on a regular basis.

a)  Marketing Person:  someone who is highly skilled and experienced in this area who is willing to help strategise,  organise,  co-ordinate the music promotion

b)  Video Person:  someone who is creative and skilled to create a DVD for music promotion

c)  Computer Person:  someone with a flair for IT and computers who can assist with website maintenance
or computer difficulties

d)  Legal Person:  to assist with any legal affairs or issues.

e)  Graphic Designer:

5.  Finances:  in the past few months I have felt strongly that the Lord is leading me to establish this music ministry in a more full time capacity.  Hence I have had to let go of much of my piano teaching as an income source . I now only teach piano one afternoon per week and receive a small amount of financial support from outside.   Hence God is leading me to trust him much more for my financial needs and the needs of the ministry.  

6.  Interested in helping?  If you feel led to assist in any way such as

a)  Being a prayer partner
b)  Being a skilled helper
c)  Making a donation
d)  Becoming a regular financial partner 
e)  Offering any other assistance

you can email me at

7.  Prayer Points:

a)  Marketing Expert:  God will raise someone up to help me market and promote my music

b)  Helpers:  God will raise up prayer warriors and other skilled helpers to build the ministry

c)  Financial Provision:  to facilitate the work of the ministry

d)  God will open doors:  for world wide distribution to the mainstream market

Blessings to you
Adelle Arwen