How to Show Love More Effectively

If you would like to find out how to be more loving to the other people in your life, try reading the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  It explains how each person feels loved in different ways.  For instance individuals may receive and feel love more in the form :-

1.  Words of Affirmation – specific words of praise and appreciation.

2.  Quality Time – spending quality time with the person

3.  Giving of Gifts  – like giving flowers for no reason

4.  Acts of Service –  like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn for someone   or

5.  Physical Touch  –  like hugs and kisses.

It can also be a combination of a few of these items. 

Which love language do you prefer?

NB.  This book is available at most Christian bookstores


By Adelle Arwen
Gospel Singer Songwriter & Recording Artist


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