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How to Say I’m Sorry

January 8, 2008

I wanted to write about my discovery that men often find it hard to say sorry or apologize to their friends,  girlfriends or spouse.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that some men can possess a lot of pride and are loathe to admit they may be wrong in a certain situation.  Hence to some men saying sorry may seem to them a sign of weakness and even be something that they would never even consider doing.  Of course this can apply also to very strong willed and proud women as ,  especially those who are not open to correction or are very teachable.

However I believe that to apologize and truly mean it,  can be a great way to heal the rifts in a relationship.  After we realize we may have hurt or offended another person,  saying “I’m sorry”,  can  help to restore peace harmony and achieve reconciliation.

Instead of writing a long article about this topic I found it easier to express it in the words of this song:-

I’m Sorry
By Adelle Arwen

Why is it so hard to say “I’m Sorry”
Between a husband and wife? 
Is it our pride that stops us inside
From admitting we’re wrong not right?

Why is it hard to say “I’m Sorry”
Between the closest of friends?
Do we think we’ll be seen as weak in the end
And deny there was any offense?

If you’ve never been taught how to say “I’m Sorry”
Here is how I use these magical words

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings
It’s not what I intended to do
I can see now,  the words that came out
Were arrows that wounded your soul

I hope that you will forgive me
I earnestly seek your grace
I’ll be sensitive kind,  when we speak next time
Through God who can change me inside

It’s never too late to learn to say sorry
Between a husband and wife
As we humble ourselves with the help of the Lord
In courage and strength we’ll apply

It’s never to late to learn to say sorry
Between the closest of friends
The one who was hurt can reveal his wound
“I’m sorry” can help make amends

These words may seem foreign at first
But said from the heart with remorse
Can help to heal all resentment
To restore peace and love in due course

(c) Adelle Arwen January 2008

Let us make a decision today to keep short accounts with one another

God Bless

Adelle Arwen
Gospel Singer Songwriter & Recording Artist